Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Color Posters Featuring REAL PHOTOS!

Wahoo!  I finally finished up my Color Posters using REAL PHOTOS!  The real photo piece is my favorite part of this.  I find my new kindergarten friends tend to lack background knowledge.  I want to be able to provide them with a lot of photographs of real people, places, and things to help them find more of a connection and to build their knowledge of the world around them.  I want them to connect with the fact that these people, places, and things are REAL even if they have yet to see them in person.

I tried to choose meaningful, up-close, true to the color photographs.  I wanted the particular color to be the focus and not have students be distracted by too many other details of the photo. I choose the usual crayon box colors as to not get too overwhelming for my students.  Here's what's included:

  • 10 colored posters
  • pink (frosting on a doughnut)
  • red (strawberries)
  • orange (an orange sliced in half with other oranges around it)
  • yellow (a yellow flower with a be on it)
  • green (blades of grass)
  • blue (the sky with a bit of the ocean on the bottom)
  • purple (flowers)
  • black (a bear)
  • brown (a brownie)
  • white (a snowman)

I am excited to see where these will best be placed in my classroom!  I look forward to students utilizing these throughout the year.  I didn't have properly placed posters last year (I was rushed with time and just left up what the previous teacher had) which was not so great.  My own 6 year old and year old were immediately drawn to the posters when I put them up for photos in my living room!  I played a little game with my 4 year old (and his light saber haha) and my 6 year old wanted to eat the brownie!

To find these in my TPT store, click on any of the above photos or here.  Coming up within the next few days are my Alphabet Posters using REAL PHOTOS and including photos for both the long and short sound of vowels.  My 6 year old may or may not be in the short i photo haha.  I was desperate!  Comment below on how you will use these in your room!

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