Sunday, February 25, 2018

March Math and Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

Happy SUNDAY!  Next week beings Read Across America so if you are looking for some ideas, check out my previous post.  For now, let's focus on getting our centers ready for March!  Included in this package, are 15 March themed math and literacy centers.  Themes include, Read Across America, St. Patrick's Day, and March Madness.  Centers include easy to follow "I Can" cards so that students can easily run these centers independently.  Also included are "Self-Check" sheets so that students can independently check their work after they have finished.  Recording sheets are included for centers that require them (for example, any Count Around the Room activities need it).

Here's a breakdown of the centers included:


  • Pot of Gold Count the Room 
  • Silly Tree Addition
  • Silly Tree Subtraction
  • Ireland Flag Number Link Build
  • Basketball Number Link Build
  • Silly Elephant Link Build
  • Leprechaun Number Link Build
  • Rainbow Tens and Ones
  • Number Word to Numeral Match
  • Count and Match Number Word


  • Uppercase/Lowercase Match
  • Missing Beginning Sound
  • CVC Say and Write
  • Coin Digraph Sort
  • Sight Word Stamp or Build

Here's a sneak peek at Rainbow Tens and Ones!  Included are rainbow cards with the numbers 1-20, "I Can" sheet,  and "Self-Check" sheet.  Ten sticks and ones are not included. You can put the tens and ones inside the baggie that this is stored in OR, if you have a bin with tens and ones, you can stick the baggie in there :).

Now for a sneak peek at St. Patrick's Day Missing Beginning Sound!  Included are 26 picture/word cards (one for each letter of the alphabet), "I Can" sheet, and "Self-Check" sheet.  Magnetic letters and dry erase markers are pictured but not included.

I love this one...sneak peek at Silly Tree Addition!  Included are 15 addition (within 10) cards, "I Can" sheet, Silly Tree Mat, and "Self-Check" sheet.  Playdough and dry erase markers are not included but I am sure easily found in your room!

Are your students ready for digraphs?  Check out Coin Digraph Sort!  Everything you see in the picture below is included!  That includes 5 digraph pots (ch/sh/th/wh/ph), 25 gold coins with digraph pictures on them (5 for each digraph), "I Can" seet, and "Self-Check" sheet.

I have one more sneak peek for you and that is at the Silly Tree Subtraction center!  Like it's sister center (Silly Tree Addition), you will find 15 subtraction (within 10) cards, "I Can" sheet, Silly Tree Mat, and "Self-Check" sheet.  Playdough and dry erase markers are not included.

These is just a little taste at the engaging centers included with this product!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!  My February Math & Literacy Centers are currently $1 OFF and will be until March 1st if you want to jump ahead for next year!  Love you guys!  Stay tuned for my April Math and Literacy Centers!  They will be released the beginning of March!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Prepping for Read Across America With...SNACKS!

Hey friends!  I have been a bad, bad blogger haha.  But what else is new!  I am much better with Instagram so if you're looking to really stay on top of what I'm up to...that's the place!  With Read Across America Week coming up (February 26th-March 2nd) I have begun my "to do" list for the week.  Our Reading Team will be giving out an official list of school wide activities, but I always celebrate in class as well.  One of the biggest ways my class and I celebrate is by reading a Dr. Seuss book and enjoying a fun snack that goes with the theme of the book.  We do other more traditional craft like activities but stories and a snack are by far our most fun!

Are you ready?  Here are some of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories that are simple to link with a snack!

Here is a list of what you will need to complete the above book/snack combos:

  • "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" and a giant box(es) of Goldfish crackers.
  • "Hop on Pop" and a big bag(s) of popcorn.
  • "The Lorax" and a box(es) of Trix cereal
  • "If I Ran the Circus" and animal crackers
  • "Bartholomew and the Ooblek" and a big jug of green juice OR green jello cups
  • printer address labels
  • snack sized bags (I prefer these smaller ones than the sandwich bags)

Now for a few side notes:

  • I do try to look for healthier options when it comes to the snacks.  Sometimes it's unavoidable if you are going for a theme but, for example, I will choose whole grain goldfish, a healthier popcorn, etc.  Not always easy but I try my best!
  • I will not be posting pre-made labels as a freebie or a paid product.  Since I used them for my classroom only, I just googled the images and put them on the labels.  It's super easy and if you need any help let me know.
  • These are all easily prepped ahead of time and require NO COOKING OR BAKING.  My favorite part!  And if a student is absent (besides the juice/jello) it's easy to save them a baggy for the next day.

Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE this post and any other posts (here or on Instagram) that you find useful!  I hope these suggestions will help you a bit when it comes to your prep for that week!  Let me know if you used any of these suggestions OR if you came up with any super cool book/snack ideas yourself!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Alphabet Wall Cards with REAL Photos!

Hi friends!  I have had this done for a week or so but i have been waiting for an opportunity to get some good pics for you!  I am very excited for this product.  I currently have these up on my wall.  They worked out well last year and my kids referred to them daily.  I left them up for the fall and even covered them to keep them clean.  Butttt, my teacher mind has been spinning and as with the color posters I posted last week, and I am leaning towards using real photos as much as I can. So here they are!  To get to the TPT link for this product, simply click on any photo below!

This time around, I wanted to be sure to emphasize that the vowels have short and long songs.  I decided to make a photo card to represent each.  If you are wondering why I chose the pictures that I did for the vowels, we use pieces from Literacy How and teach students a song that helps them remember that each vowel has two sounds.  These are the objects (minus eggs) in that song so I wanted students to make that connection.  I haven't been able to pop into my classroom yet so I put a few on my wall to show you how I plan on displaying them!

My 6 year old is starting to understand why mommy does this and what I do on TPT so he gets very excited whenever he sees me working on something.  My 4 year old is FINALLY starting to get excited about his name and the alphabet so when he saw the letters, especially ice cream, he wanted a picture!  Of course he had to still play ABCmouse lol.

I am SUPER excited to get this hung in my classroom!  As soon as I do I will take a pic!  Until will keep seeing my living room wall haha!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Color Posters Featuring REAL PHOTOS!

Wahoo!  I finally finished up my Color Posters using REAL PHOTOS!  The real photo piece is my favorite part of this.  I find my new kindergarten friends tend to lack background knowledge.  I want to be able to provide them with a lot of photographs of real people, places, and things to help them find more of a connection and to build their knowledge of the world around them.  I want them to connect with the fact that these people, places, and things are REAL even if they have yet to see them in person.

I tried to choose meaningful, up-close, true to the color photographs.  I wanted the particular color to be the focus and not have students be distracted by too many other details of the photo. I choose the usual crayon box colors as to not get too overwhelming for my students.  Here's what's included:

  • 10 colored posters
  • pink (frosting on a doughnut)
  • red (strawberries)
  • orange (an orange sliced in half with other oranges around it)
  • yellow (a yellow flower with a be on it)
  • green (blades of grass)
  • blue (the sky with a bit of the ocean on the bottom)
  • purple (flowers)
  • black (a bear)
  • brown (a brownie)
  • white (a snowman)

I am excited to see where these will best be placed in my classroom!  I look forward to students utilizing these throughout the year.  I didn't have properly placed posters last year (I was rushed with time and just left up what the previous teacher had) which was not so great.  My own 6 year old and year old were immediately drawn to the posters when I put them up for photos in my living room!  I played a little game with my 4 year old (and his light saber haha) and my 6 year old wanted to eat the brownie!

To find these in my TPT store, click on any of the above photos or here.  Coming up within the next few days are my Alphabet Posters using REAL PHOTOS and including photos for both the long and short sound of vowels.  My 6 year old may or may not be in the short i photo haha.  I was desperate!  Comment below on how you will use these in your room!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hello everyone!  Welcome to my new blog, Carey in Kindergarten!  If you are joining me from my previous blog, Busy Mama & Her Boys, I want to thank you for continuing to follow me.  For all my new friends, welcome!  I finally feel settled and ready to dive back into the world of sharing my resources and resources I have come across.  I have made soooo many things the past year but never had time to "spice them up" and make them TPT ready.  I plan on doing that this summer as well as share all the new things I have planned!