Thursday, July 20, 2017

Alphabet Wall Cards with REAL Photos!

Hi friends!  I have had this done for a week or so but i have been waiting for an opportunity to get some good pics for you!  I am very excited for this product.  I currently have these up on my wall.  They worked out well last year and my kids referred to them daily.  I left them up for the fall and even covered them to keep them clean.  Butttt, my teacher mind has been spinning and as with the color posters I posted last week, and I am leaning towards using real photos as much as I can. So here they are!  To get to the TPT link for this product, simply click on any photo below!

This time around, I wanted to be sure to emphasize that the vowels have short and long songs.  I decided to make a photo card to represent each.  If you are wondering why I chose the pictures that I did for the vowels, we use pieces from Literacy How and teach students a song that helps them remember that each vowel has two sounds.  These are the objects (minus eggs) in that song so I wanted students to make that connection.  I haven't been able to pop into my classroom yet so I put a few on my wall to show you how I plan on displaying them!

My 6 year old is starting to understand why mommy does this and what I do on TPT so he gets very excited whenever he sees me working on something.  My 4 year old is FINALLY starting to get excited about his name and the alphabet so when he saw the letters, especially ice cream, he wanted a picture!  Of course he had to still play ABCmouse lol.

I am SUPER excited to get this hung in my classroom!  As soon as I do I will take a pic!  Until will keep seeing my living room wall haha!

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